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  • 20 March 2024
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  • 101 views Develop becomes the default choice in Develop is a comprehensive tool for your development tasks and file editing needs. With Develop, you can perform all the tasks you used to do with WebIDE and much more.


What is changing?


The change itself is very minor, we are simply moving the default option from Web IDE to Develop. Both options will continue to be available to you. The change of the default option will be rolled out from the 6th April 2024.


Why are we making the change? Develop, our browser-based development environment, has become the popular choice for data engineers using While they can use it as a simple text editor (like Web IDE), the additional features that come with Develop are accelerating the way data engineers can build and test data products.


Some of the many reasons why data engineers prefer using Develop:

  • Quick and easy way to edit multiple files in their projects
  • Unified development environment – everyone in the team has the same infrastructure set-up (packages, extensions, tools) which eliminates the likelihood of something working only on an individual machine
  • Test and develop data models without the need to run full pipelines providing feedback in seconds
  • Get quick feedback when making changes to Snowflake infrastructure definition in SOLE Develop




Summary of the features currently present in Develop:


Still want to use Web IDE?


If you still want to use the Web IDE over Develop, you can select this from your project. If you have already opened Develop you can simply close the tab or window this is opened in.




For more information about the development environment, check the Develop documentation.

For more information about the code editor, check the WebIDE documentation.

Getting started in Develop, watch the video here.

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We have now added a link to a video explaining what Develop is all about! Check the ‘Getting started in Develop’ video in the article.