Troubleshooting Git Commit Issue in Develop

  • 15 April 2024
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When trying to commit updates within a DataOps project in Develop and then pushing them to the Git repository, users sometimes face issues with the Commit button in Develop, a VS Code version perfect for Data Operations. 


Issues with VS Code settings or extensions may interfere with the staging and committing process. 

Resolution steps 

You can troubleshoot and resolve this issue by taking one of the following steps:

1. Stage your changes 

Stage changes to permanently save them in the repository and prepare the files to be included in the next commit. To do this:

a. In the VS Code sidebar, point to the file you want to commit and click the “+” button to stage it.
    This enables the Commit button. 

b. Proceed with the commit.

2. Smart commit 

Check if the Smart Commit feature is enabled. To do this: 

a. From the menu in the VS Code sidebar, go to FilePreferencesSettings.            

  b. In the settings search field, search for `git.suggestSmartCommit`. 

  c. Select the Git: Suggest Smart Commit checkbox.

      This enables the Commit button and allows you to commit all changes without staging them.    


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