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Welcome to our April newsletter. Explore our AI-powered copilot, Assist, which will transform your DataOps experience. 

Plus, don’t miss the chance to connect with us at Snowflake Data Cloud Summit 2024, booth #1332 and chat about all things DataOps! Book some time with our Snowflake Data Products experts here.

Unlock the full potential of Assist  

Looking to simplify your SAP data workflows? Look no further than our latest blog posts and videos that show the power of Assist in simplifying your SAP data processes. 

Read these insightful articles and watch the included videos to unlock the full potential of your SAP data workflows with Assist. 

We're also thrilled to introduce a new technical video series, by data engineers for data engineers!  Please watch the first in the series, showcasing how to use the Assist Chat feature.


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Try out SOLE for Data Products now in public preview

Our new framework, SOLE for Data Products, is ready for you to test and see the difference it makes in your data journey, especially with the recent support of hybrid tables and virtual columns

Experience a more fluid approach to structuring your objects with SOLE for Data Products. With its new structure, the child objects need not be confined within the same file as the parent’s configuration. Instead, each child object details the parent object's specifics, allowing for separate file configurations. 

This flexibility enables hierarchical object configurations in distinct files to match organization needs. Give it a go in the public preview and unlock the full power of your data journey. Check out the SOLE for Data Products documentation for more information. 

Multi-line SQL in Snowflake Orchestrator and SOLE Hooks

Now, with our Snowflake Orchestrator, you can write and run longer SQL queries across multiple lines by simply providing “dataops-snowsql” a variable that points to the .sql file path: 


Or configure SOLE (Snowflake Object Lifecycle Engine) to execute all the hooks from the group in a shared Snowflake session by setting the “auto_commit” property to “False”: 


ICYMI - #TrueDataOps Podcast - Santona Tuli

In this episode of the #TrueDataOps podcast, host Kent Graziano talks with Santona Tuli, a physicist turned data scientist. Santona discusses her transition from analyzing nuclear collisions at CERN to her role in the tech industry, emphasizing the challenges and innovations in managing large-scale data. She explores the concept of data products and the importance of a product mindset in data operations, stressing the need to understand user needs and maintain service level agreements. The episode also covers the role of AI in automating data processes and the necessity of continuous monitoring and testing to ensure operational efficiency and reliability. 



📺 Watch here  🎧 Listen here 



In this episode of the #TrueData Ops podcast, host Kent Graziano talks with Carsten Bange, CEO of BARC, about the role of continuous processes in data operations and the importance of data products. Carsten emphasizes the challenges in operationalizing data projects and the need for automation to manage data complexities. He also discusses the significance of solid data culture and ethical data management, particularly in light of advances in generative AI. The conversation highlights how these elements are crucial for effective data practices in today’s rapidly evolving tech landscape. 

📺 Watch here 🎧 Listen here  



Upcoming! Koen Verheyen - #TrueDataOps Podcast Ep.34 

Welcome to another episode of the #TrueDataOps Podcast! May 1st, we're excited to host Koen Verheyen, a seasoned expert with a remarkable 20-year journey across various pivotal roles in the IT and data management sectors. Koen has evolved from development to technical architecture and solution architecture, now stepping into a crucial role as VP of Quality Assurance at VaultSpeed. 
Prior to Koen's current position, Koen was a BI/DWH consultant involved in all phases of large business intelligence projects, from scoping and design to deployment. His expertise spans several industries, including telecommunications, retail, direct marketing, and banking. 



Visit us at Snowflake Data Cloud Summit 2024 is a proud Green Circle partner for Snowflake Data Cloud Summit 2024 happening in San Francisco, June 3-6.  Stop by our booth #1332 to learn chat about everything DataOps. Book a meeting

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... that we’ve got some handy troubleshooting tips in our latest Knowledge Base articles?  Learn how to fix common Git errors like missing permissions for specific operations and issues while trying to commit changes to the repository in Develop. These resources will help you overcome obstacles and keep your development process running smoothly. 

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