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Snowflake Snowpark Container Services

We’re excited to announce support for the latest Snowflake feature, Snowpark Container Services, which is now available in public preview and enabled by default for all accounts! 


This new addition significantly enhances in the Snowflake ecosystem, expanding its capabilities beyond traditional data warehousing to arbitrary workloads. You can deploy a wide range of applications, including AI model training and inference powered by Nvidia GPUs. Use DataOps to build your application images and register and deploy them to the Snowpark Container Registry runtime. Once completed, the new container jobs, functions or services are available to your DataOps pipeline for Snowflake. 


This integration brings increased flexibility and efficiency in managing diverse workloads, ranging from model training to data applications. Learn more at Using Snowpark Container Services with 


AI Assist in Create

In our last newsletter, we shared exciting news about Assist, your AI-powered copilot for our data product platform; and Develop, the environment transforming the development workflows for a smoother experience with automation and collaboration benefits. Now, as we start 2024, more exciting news is on the horizon!  


With the upcoming launch of Create, we are introducing the new Assist chat feature with real-time help. Get instant responses to your queries while creating data products, troubleshoot challenges, and maximize your DataOps productivity. Assist integrates into the Data Product creation workflow, guiding users in building models by suggesting code based on natural language prompts. It understands business problem descriptions, offering transformational model suggestions. Users can ask for more suggestions until satisfied, and then accept and tweak the code as needed before committing it to the git repository. Stay tuned for updates leading up to the launch next month/quarter!

AI Assist Chat Feature Demo



We are happy to announce that the winter season of the #TrueDataOps Podcast series is back on the air!  Join us for the next episode with a hands-on DataOps implementor and architect, Ronny Steelman, CEO of the consultancy, Quadrabtye. 




For a true masterclass on DataOps, please watch the latest edition of the “It Depends” podcast with host Sanjeev Mohan and our Co-founder, Guy Adams.  

Watch the Episode


Did you know...

…that SOLE, our powerful engine for managing your Snowflake ecosystem, and SOLE for Data Products now fully support running Python stored procedures. Developers can write and run stored procedures using Python syntax and leverage third-party libraries, enabling them to use Python's capabilities for data manipulation, analysis, and other tasks.  Learn more at the Snowflake stored procedures documentation.


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