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Welcome to the June newsletter. Discover how our free observability tool and new features enhance your DataOps experience. Save time investigating Snowflake spend. Streamline development, reduce complexity, and automate data product building and deployment on the Snowflake data cloud. 


Spendview for Snowflake 

Spendview for Snowflake is a module from observability that we now make available for free. It offers a centralized view of your Snowflake compute, usage, and storage costs and consumption. It is accessible to anyone with a Snowflake account. 

Leveraging Spendview for Snowflake saves time investigating Snowflake spend anomalies and user adoption. It offers root cause analysis that pinpoints potential cost drivers and thus helps you monitor your budget and optimize your Snowflake spending and consumption. Learn more… 



MATE with dbt 1.5  

You can now use the Modelling and Transformation Engine (MATE) with dbt-core 1.5 and benefit from all the significant additions of this new version. You can enable dbt-core 1.5 by simply setting the variable DATAOPS_FEATURE_MATE_DBT_VERSION to 1.5. Learn more… 


Improvements to DDE (DataOps Development Environment) 

Experience the latest enhancements to our fully integrated development environment, available in Private Preview. Our DDE, accessible through any browser and without any setup, provides a seamless, optimized development experience for various DataOps use cases.  

With DDE, you can now switch between different dbt versions and use a pre-commit tool that helps identify issues before committing changes to your project.

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In episode 17th of the #TrueDataOps Podcast, we are joined by our guest Sanjeev Mohan! Sanjeev, Principal at SanjMo and a former Gartner Research VP for Big Data and Advanced Analytics covers all things data, including analytics, data governance, data management, and data observability. 


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Did you Know… 


… that we have introduced Data Products as a new framework in You can now easily build an ecosystem of simple and composite data products on the Snowflake data cloud and benefit from greater accuracy and accessibility of data. 


Data Products is currently available as a Private Preview, allowing early access to selected users. Email us and sign up for the Data Product Private Preview to get access.  

Read more at Data Products



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