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Welcome to our March newsletter and discover a better way of managing data products with the power of Gen AI. 


Build Data Products with Create and Assist  

We’re excited to launch Create! Join our public preview to be among the first to explore this new app and share your valuable feedback. 

With Create, you can: 

  • Build Data Products in minutes with a few clicks requiring no prior setup 
  • Use the power of Gen AI for instant iterating and refining your datasets 
  • Create value for your organization by ensuring reliable, scalable, secure, accessible, and discoverable Data Products 

Accelerate and simplify your Data Product development cycle with automation and collaboration. 

Try Create now! 

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Run, Debug, and Test DataOps Projects in Develop


On April 6th, changes the default choice for working with your projects from the file editor WebIDE to the fully-fledged development environment Develop. 

Develop is a powerful tool that automates and simplifies your development tasks. With Develop, you can do everything you did with WebIDE and more. It's designed to make building Data Products smoother and more efficient. 

Learn more about these tools in the Develop and DataOps WebIDEdocumentation. 



Join us for our next #TrueDataOps podcast episode with Santona Tuli, Ph.D., a distinguished data science expert and machine learning expert. In this episode, we will explore the frontiers of data operations, machine learning, and the technology shaping the future of data-driven decision-making. 

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Sequence Ordering in SOLE

If you are using sequences in Snowflake to generate unique numbers, our latest enhancement to the Snowflake Object Lifecycle Engine (SOLE) will interest you. 

We’ve introduced a new ordering parameter for the Sequence object in the latest SOLE update. This addition lets you specify the order in which new Sequence values are generated, offering greater control and flexibility in your data operations. 

Curious to learn more? Read the updated Sequence object documentation.  


Data Universe April 10-11, NYC

Will you be attending Data Universe in NYC, April 10 & 11? If so, we would love to have you join us at our after-party event at Chez Zou from 6-8pm, co-hosted by Satori. 


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Did you know...

... that we’ve revamped our Getting Started Guide, showcasing the robust capabilities of to help you build Data Products with simplicity and speed using Create and Develop. Follow the Getting Starteddocumentation to build your first Data Product in minutes. 


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