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Welcome to the November newsletter! Explore our latest updates and exciting new features. 


Sign Up for | Assist

After announcing Assist in October, we are happy to invite a select group of users to join our private preview. This allows you to be the first to experience the new app and share valuable feedback that will directly influence its development. Assist: 

  • Simplifies the creation of SQL or Python data models with AI suggestions 
  • Increases your productivity with suggested data transformations 
  • Suggests initial project documentation for review 
  • Offers explanations for current queries 
  • Automatically summarizes and reviews merge requests for correctness 
  • Offers additional reassurance for Data Product Owners to approve and promote changes to production safely 
  • And much more... 


Join our exclusive preview by reaching out to us at and experience how to make the daily lives of data engineers easier. 


Fully Released Orchestrators: Vaultspeed and Python 3.11

The VaultSpeed and Python 3.11 orchestrators are now generally available and accessible to all customers. Use the first to deploy the data vault you have designed in VaultSpeed into a Snowflake database and the latter to run Python 3.11 scripts in your DataOps pipelines. Discover more at VaultSpeed Orchestrator and Python Orchestrator


Observability User Management

With the new Spendview User Management app, you can easily share metrics on Snowflake accounts’ spending with people in your organization. This app offers streamlined user control with role-based access, an intuitive interface, and enhanced security. Experience the convenience of the Spendview User Management app now by accessing it directly from your Spendview dashboard.  

Discover more at Managing Spendview Users 



DataOps CLI

We now support the Snowflake object types “task” and “row access policy” in the SOLE Generator. We’ve also added new commands when you’re working inside the DataOps development environment. The new commands let you create and validate data product manifests and run helper SOLE & MATE. Discover more at SOLE Generator and CLI Commands



Join us with our next guest, Matt Aslett, VP and Research Director at Ventana Research. Matt is a highly experienced tech sector analyst and researcher with particular expertise in data and analytics and a focus on databases, data warehousing, data streaming, data integration, BI, data science, and big data, as well as data culture, data literacy, and hybrid cloud data processing. He was shortlisted for IIAR Analyst of the Year 2022.  RSVP today 




Did you know...

…that we’ve introduced a new App switcher for the data product platform. You can seamlessly toggle between apps and learning systems from 




Here’s what you can do: 

  • Switch between apps and systems with a single click for effortless navigation 
  • Jump between functionalities seamlessly for enhanced productivity
  • Enjoy a unified platform for all your needs for an integrated experience 


That’s all for now. Until next time, 

- the Product Team


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