Product Newsletter | May 2023

Product Newsletter | May 2023

DataOps emphasizes automation and integration, enabling seamless and efficient data workflows. The DataOps CLI now offers easier Snowflake database management. And new third-party tool integrations help you collaborate with your team members better on your projects. 

Default Parameter Values in SOLE Generator  

The SOLE Generator is our command-line interface generating the Snowflake confirmation from incoming DDL. Now you can create a template for a SOLE configuration holding your desired DataOps parameter values. When “dataops solegen” runs, it merges the templates with the incoming DDL. Learn more 




More Third-party Integrations with Our Platform 

You can now benefit from the integration of more third-party tools with the DataOps platform. You can now use Google Hangouts Chat, Email on Push, Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Cisco Webex in all your DataOps project. Learn more  





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ICYMI – Keith Belanger - #TrueDataOps Podcast Ep #16 



In episode 16th of the #TrueDataOps Podcast, we are joined by our guest Keith Belanger! Keith is passionate about data, technology, learning, mentoring, designing, and leading data solutions and teams. With over 25 years in Data Architecture and Information Management, Keith is highly experienced at assembling and directing high-performing, data-focused teams and solutions. Combining a deep technical and data background with a business-oriented mindset and excellent communication skills. He consistently builds and delivers innovative data platforms and solutions to everyday business problems.  

Watch the recording... 


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Upcoming Sanjeev Mohan - #TrueDataOps Podcast Ep #17 


Wed, May 31, 2023, 8:00 AM PT 


Join our next guest, Sanjeev is Principal at SanjMo and a former Gartner Research VP for Big Data and Advanced Analytics. With expertise covering all things data, including analytics, data governance, data management, and data observability, he has published many white papers. He is a prolific speaker at conferences and events worldwide. RSVP here 

Did you Know… 


…  that you can easily set up Git pre-commit hooks for your DataOps project to check the code being committed for syntax errors, style violations, or other issues. You can write these hooks in any programming language and perform any checks necessary for your project. Learn more… 


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